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Buffalo Stampede 2018 - NM State Championships

The 2018 NM State Championship - Buffalo Stampede - has wrapped. Main match results can be examined at the page linked below. Other match results will follow in the next few days. Some photos will follow soon, too. Match results can be found on:
BRR Results

Thanks to all our 83 participants. We hope you really enjoyed the match!

Details of the 2018 NM State Match - Buffalo Stampede Right Here!
Buffalo Stampede - the New Mexico 2018 State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship, was a 10 stage main match, hosted by the Buffalo Range Riders SASS club, on the great Founder's Ranch facility south west of Edgewood, NM. It ran September 21 to 23, 2018, and revived the great parts of the Buffalo Stampede matches from a few years ago.

This match's theme - Adventures of the Lawmen of New Mexico

Side matches included:
  • Speed rifle, revolver and shotgun
  • 22 rifle accuracy match
  • Long range rifle and revolver caliber events out to 300 yards
  • Fastest Lawman
  • Cowboy Clays - individual and team
A Top Gun Shoot-off completed the weekend's shooting matches

Ammunition count for main match: 100 revolver rounds, 100 rifle rounds, and 50+ shotgun shells. Minimum.


Lodging and Camping


Garrison Joe (Dwight Coles) Match Director
Estancia Kid (Jason Grider) Match Host and Range Director
Prairie Mary (Mary Guysi) Registration, Vendor and Donor Contact and Logistics
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